Eco-friendly Non-Stick Granite Coating & Easy to Clean - ESLITE LIFE crepe pan interior & exterior is coated by high performance non-stick granite coating, which makes the crepe pan easy to cook and clean.. "Life" is a core value, and its business includes department stores, retail, culture and art, hotels and real estate operations. The company name is Seibon Co., Ltd. The English name is eslite, quoted from the ancient French characters, is the meaning of the English language. Seiho shoten has branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan. More. Nov 09, 2021 · किफ़ायती कीमत पर स्प्रेडर इंडक्शन कम्पेटिबल, PFOA & amp के साथ ESLITE LIFE 11 इंच नॉनस्टिक क्रेप पैन; PTFEs नि: शुल्क को ऑनलाइन खरीदें. Ubuy पर हर खरीदारी के साथ विशेष ऑफ़र और .... "/>Eslite life 11